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Eco Milestones

Unisex XL T-Shirt - Waterfall Gravity Scrunch

Unisex XL T-Shirt - Waterfall Gravity Scrunch

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Weight of shirt:  Shirt is tagged as heavyweight.  I would personally consider it midweight.

Photo lighting: full Sun  


These pieces are all handmade by me and unique.  I enjoy this as a hobby and being such it is preformed in my house that my whole family and pets live in.   I do my very best to make sure there is no hair on any of the items and I lint roll them before package, but I’m sure it could still happen.


Items are hot soaked and washed in Tide Free and Gentle.  There is still a chance they could bleed in their first wash or two, so please take caution and wash separate or use a color catcher.

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