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Eco Milestones

Ice Dye/Tie Dye Customs - contact me

Ice Dye/Tie Dye Customs - contact me

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Clothing items and more can be dyed to be a fun form of expression.   Certain style of blanks are on hand, but customs can always be ordered, the possibilities are endless.  

Long and short rompers for babies and toddlers.  

T-shirts for toddlers, children, and adults.

Sweatshirts for kids and adults (crew, hoodie, zip-up)

Sweatpants for adults (haven't found a blank source for children yet)

If you have items you want dyed, please reach out, I will custom dye your items shipped to me as well.   

Cluckin' Colored is my personal facebook group for dyed items, but you can always reach out to me through Eco Milestones facebook page, messenger, or email as well. 

 Cluckin’ Colored on Facebook, Instagram, or

**Prices vary by style and design, all will be discussed and set before starting a project.   


Items pictured are examples only and while they can be modeled after, no recreation will be exact.     

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