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ELEVATED – Lover’s Lube * Plastic-Free * Zerowaste * ALL Natural

ELEVATED – Lover’s Lube * Plastic-Free * Zerowaste * ALL Natural

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Infused with luminous crystal essence for high sensual vibrations, this natural and high vibrational personal lubricant will bring orgasmical and sensual pleasure to your most sacred and highest senses.

We use the only USA grown, raw coconut oil that is authentically the most luxurious coconut oil found on earth. This personal lube helps ease any discomfort and simply adds more fun. It is completely edible, adding more pleasure to your senses. This lube is simply the highest, most luxurious option out there for your choice in a personal lube.  Apply where desired. Begin with just a small amount (a little goes a long way) and adjust as desired. Best to clean after each use with a cleansing shower or bath.

****If you find the tingling sensation to be too intense or ever cause irritation, stop use and try another flavor

**While there is no solid data or evidence, we say live on the safe side and do not use with: Latex or polyisoprene. This includes certain condoms and toys.

While this may be the case, consider crystal toys such as glass. Glass is the best option in our opinions anyway. If using condoms, consider using natural lambskin. Also safe to use with this lube are nitrile and polyurethane condoms (although we highly recommend lambskin as it’s all natural and is usually non-irritating for even the most sensitive of us).

Because this lube is of the highest vibration, it will want to match the highest vibrational mates, be it glass toys or lambskin condoms.

All organic: Infinite Love and Blessings, Luscious, Extra Virgin, Organic Coconut Oil, Raw, Organic Cocoa Butter, raw, macadamia nut oil, lovers crystal essence + the following for each of the different flavors:

Mint Tangerine (original Flavor):  USA grown pure peppermint essential oil and tangerine.  Tastes like: Minty fresh with hints of citrus notes!  This one has peppermint for tingling sensation that is sure to bring satisfaction and turn things up a vibration (or five)

UnFlavored:  Tastes like a soft Chocolate Coconut!

Creamsicle:  Orange essential oil and pure vanilla bean.  Are you THAT old to remember?  lol  If so, you know what we are talking about, a yummy mix of Orange and Vanilla.

Tangerine Dream:  Pure tangerine essential oil and vanilla bean.  Just like a dream of tangerines!  Yum Yum!

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